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Pharmaceutical Logistics Business

Aiming to become the number one Medical Logistics Partner in Japan,

The Suzuken group is the only group of its kind in the Japanese pharmaceutical wholesale industry which is able to provide such a variety of logistics functions specific to the medical field, including manufacturer distribution, wholesale distribution, in-hospital distribution and distribution of investigational drugs and orphan drugs.

Distribution capabilities with high-quality, wide ranging functions, unrivaled in the industry

Over more than 10 years, the Suzuken group has strengthened its two functions of "Manufacturer distribution" and "Wholesaler distribution". These cover distribution from pharmaceutical manufacturers to pharmaceutical wholesalers and distribution from pharmaceutical wholesalers to medical institutions and insurance pharmacies respectively. We have also built a medical distribution platform with high-quality wide ranging functions unrivaled in the industry, including distribution of investigational and orphan drugs requiring strict temperature control.

Manufacturer distribution, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Factory / Distribution centers, Wholesale, Distribution centers / Branches, Wholesale distribution, Medical institutions, Insurance pharmacies, Patients

Aiming to become Japan's No.1 medical logistics partner

Overview of the pharmaceutical distribution business

Investigational drug distribution

We deliver investigational drugs entrusted to us by Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers to medical institutions.

Comprehensive support of orphan disease area

We give comprehensive support to Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers which promote the development of orphan drugs by giving active proposals.

Manufacturer distribution

We provide plan proposals and coordination functions for manufacturers, storage and delivery practices for manufacturers and wholesalers, and conduct transportation and delivery of manufacturer-owned products nationwide, including cold medicines.

Wholesaler distribution

We deliver goods including pharmaceuticals, from the warehouses of pharmaceutical wholesalers to medical institutions and insurance pharmacies.

SPD business(Support for improving in-hospital logistical efficiency)

Specialized staff examine points of improvement and workload in hospital goods logistics management. Detailed analysis is conducted and proposals on operation and management methods appropriate for each situation given. We also assume control of operations such as inventory, quality and performance management.

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