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Medical Equipment and Materials Manufacturing Business

The "Kenz" brand, noted for its quality around the world

The sale of products with the "Kenz" brand name began in 1974. The brand originated with the manufacture and sale of a sphygmomanometer developed jointly with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (former). Since then, the Suzuken group has manufactured and sold a large number of medical devices, such as electrocardiographs and stethoscopes, and medical materials as its own products.

「Pursuing the development of products that are "patient-friendly", developing globally

Testing instruments, including electrocardiographs, Holter monitors, sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes make up the core products of the original Kenz brand of medical devices developed by Suzuken. We have made a bold challenge to develop devices which are easier to use and measure more accurately and which do not place a burden or cause anxiety to patients. We have achieved micro-miniaturization of the Holter monitor and an unrestricted sleep apnea test.

We have constructed systems including the "ISO13485" quality assurance system for medical equipment, and have received the Eurozone goods distribution standard "CE marking" certification and meet global quality requirements. Kenz products are used in medical practice in over 50 countries worldwide, mainly in the Asian region, and have received high evaluation from medical institutions around the world.

Kenz Cardico 1215, Kenz AC-05P, Kenz stereophonette, Kenz Doctorphonette

Introduction to Business Activities

① Manufacture and sale of medical equipment

We develop and manufacture medical equipment, medical materials and health promotion equipment for general consumers.

② Holter analysis and diagnosis support

ECG waveforms recorded over 24 hours on the Holter are sent from medical institutions and checked by full-time clinical laboratory technologists in electrocardiogram analysis centers in Sapporo, Tokyo, and Nagoya. We offer a service which returns the electrocardiogram specialist’s findings to the attending physician.

③ Medical equipment specialist manufacturer

We aim to be a vital solutions company in the field of development, manufacture and sale of medical equipment, focusing on stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers for physicians.

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