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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business

Human-friendly medicine for people in the world

The Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. consolidated subsidiary conducts research and development as well as manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic agents, medical food products, nursing care food products and health care products. Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is also conducted. Under the corporate philosophy of "Human-friendly medicine for people in the world" the company is developing its business for the benefit of everyone who seeks a healthy life.

Confronting diabetes and kidney disease treatment research with sincerity

We develop, manufacture and sell pharmaceuticals that contribute to the improvement of lifestyle-related diseases with a focus on diabetes, high added value generic drugs, blood glucose self-monitoring devices and diagnostic agents with a top share of the domestic market. Some of our factories conduct contract manufacturing for major pharmaceutical manufacturers. Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho's own formulation technology has earned high evaluation at home and abroad.

MRs provide reliable medical information

At Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho, about 300 MR (medical representatives) provide detailed information on ethical drugs to physicians and pharmacists. In addition to giving explanations on indications and proper use, we gather information relating to the efficacy and safety of our own products and adverse reactions. Feedback on the evaluation and analysis results is also provided. In addition, we coordinate scientific research meetings and seminars and provide reliable medical information.

Overview of the pharmaceutical manufacturing business

Manufacturing of ethical drugs

At Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. we give serious consideration to patient QOL and economic aspects, and develop easy-to-use, safer and more effective medicines.

SUINY TabletsSUINY Tablets
METOANA Combination TabletsMETOANA Combination Tablets
UPASITA IV Injection Syringe for DialysisUPASITA IV Injection Syringe
for Dialysis

Manufacturing of diagnostic agents

At Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. we manufacture essential high-quality diagnostic drugs and diagnostic equipment for ultrasonography, electrocardiography and for testing blood and urine specimens in hospitals and clinics.


Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

At Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho's two factories; Fukushima Factory and Kumamoto Factory, we carry out contract manufacturing for major pharmaceutical manufacturers in addition to manufacturing our own pharmaceuticals.

R&D (Pipeline) Update

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, our ongoing growth relies on the development of new pharmaceuticals. We view diabetes, and kidney and dialysis-related areas, as areas with substantial unmet medical needs and strong potential as new growth markets. These areas are at the center of our efforts to develop new pharmaceuticals and enhance our pharmaceutical development pipeline.
In June 2021, the company obtained authorization to manufacture and sell UPASITA IV Injection Syringe for Dialysis, a therapeutic agent for secondary hyperparathyroidism, and entered into the domestic co-promotion agreement with Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Under that agreement, Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho will manufacture, sell, and distribute the product, and collaborate with Kissei Pharmaceutical to implement medical information provision activities.

Developing New Drugs with Proprietary OSDrC Technology

Multi-core tablets

Dry-coated tablets with poorly compressible cores

OSDrC (One-Step Dry-Coating Technology), a proprietary manufacturing technology of Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho, enables the one-step manufacturing of multilayered tablets, including those with a core, and makes possible the development of new combination tablets and high-value-added pharmaceuticals. We are now working to promote this technology which makes it possible to manufacture a wide variety of tablets that have cores and respond to medical needs.

Integration of functions and new business creation through collaboration

Drawing on our pharmaceutical manufacturing strengths—high quality, reliable supply, and low cost—the Suzuken Group aims to create new business models and enhance productivity by combining these strengths with its other capabilities and collaborating with partner companies.
In 2019, we worked with TS Pharma Co., Ltd., which we established in cooperation with Toho Holdings Co., Ltd., to jointly promote generic drugs. In June 2021, we launched three ingredients and six products.
In our efforts to improve productivity through cost-reduction activities, we are focusing on reducing manufacturing cost per tablet and will expand contract manufacturing, which will include collaboration with other companies.

Subsidiary responsible for the pharmaceutical manufacturing business

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