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Contributing to medical care and health in China and other parts of Asia through pharmaceutical distribution expertise cultivated in Japan

The culture, business customs, and health care system vary greatly among Japan, China, and South Korea. However, the desire of people to be healthy is the same. As each government moves ahead with the reform of their healthcare systems, we will contribute to medical industry by establishing various medical services suitable for each local area through collaboration with business partners.

Strengthening healthcare platform functions in China

Pharmaceutical distribution in China

Outstanding employees of SPH Suzuken Huzhong (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are invited to Suzuken’s head office every year to participate in training.

In Asia, national governments are moving ahead with healthcare system reforms in response to their growing populations and rising economic performance. The implementation of advanced, efficient pharmaceutical distribution is a high priority and there are great expectations for how the Suzuken Group, and the experience and knowledge it has developed in Japan, can contribute.

China, a country of particular interest, with developments such as rising incomes and the institution of a healthcare insurance system, is now the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market.

Suzuken has been developing pharmaceutical distribution operations in Shanghai and Qingdao by establishing in 2008, a joint venture (49.9% ownership), Shanghai Suzuken Huzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (now SPH Suzuken Huzhong (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), with Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a major Chinese pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Furthermore, in September 2016, Suzuken acquired a 35% stake in EPS EKISHIN Co., Ltd.,*1 a member of the EPS Group. Together, the two are helping Suzuken (Shenzhen) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (20% stake held by Suzuken) to introduce the products of Japanese pharmaceutical companies to the Chinese market and are performing technical sales promotion activities throughout China on behalf of Suzuken (Shenzhen) Pharmaceutical.

Working with its partners, Suzuken draws on R&D, clinical trial, manufacturing, sales, sales promotion, distribution, and collection functions to create a healthcare platform capable of providing customers with the one-stop services they need. Looking to the future, Suzuken will continue to create new added value for the field of healthcare in China.

  • ※1EPS EKISHIN Co., Ltd. is a specialized trading company connecting Japan and China in the field of healthcare. Its wide-ranging business pursuits span areas as varied as CRO services, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and sales agency for digital diagnostic imaging equipment.

Contributing to the distribution of pharmaceuticals and the development of the pharmaceutical industry in South Korea

Working on a joint project with BOKSAN NICE Co., Ltd.Working on a joint project with BOKSAN NICE Co., Ltd.

In South Korea, as in other countries, healthcare expenditures are on the rise and there are expectations that the healthcare industry will continue to advance and that the government will lead policy efforts to curb healthcare expenditures.

Suzuken entered into a capital and business alliance with BOKSAN NICE Co., Ltd.*2 taking a 45% stake in that company in June 2016. Drawing on knowledge it has developed in the field of health creation in Japan, the Suzuken Group is supporting BOKSAN NICE in its efforts to expand its pharmaceutical distribution business to cover all of South Korea and advance joint R&D in medical-care related businesses. The Suzuken Group is also helping BOKSAN NICE to enhance its corporate value through joint projects for strengthening its distribution functions and management platform.

By continuing to partner with local companies, we are also contributing to the advancement of pharmaceutical distribution and industries related to medical care in South Korea.

  • ※2BOKSAN NICE Co., Ltd. with operations mainly in Busan Metropolitan City and the Seoul Capital Area, is a pharmaceutical distribution leader in South Korea.

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