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Overseas Business

Contributing to medical care and health in China and other parts of Asia through pharmaceutical distribution expertise cultivated in Japan

The culture, business customs and health care system all vary greatly between Japan and China. However, the desire of people to be healthy is the same. We wish to contribute to medical care by establishing services, including provision of information to medical institutions and safe and secure pharmaceutical distribution, in a form tailored to China under the health care reform of the Chinese government, and by delivering better drugs.

Establish a solid position in the Chinese market

Distribution (delivery, payment collection): 1.Pharmaceutical manufacturers → First Grade(Large state-owned enterprises) → Second Grade(Subsidiaries of primary wholesalers and local government-affiliated companies(SPH Suzuken Huzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)) 2.Pharmaceutical manufacturers → Agencies(Manufacturer-assisted business(Many private enterprises)(Suzuken(Shenzhen) Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd.)) → Second Grade 3.Pharmaceutical manufacturers Sales promotion by manufacturing company MRs → Hospitals Commercial distribution(Academic promotional support, sales agency):Pharmaceutical manufacturers Contracting sales → Agencies(Manufacturer-assisted business(Many private enterprises)(Suzuken(Shenzhen) Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd.)) Sales promotion → Hospitals

Against the background of rapid economic growth accompanied by a sharp increase in medical care and health needs in the Chinese ethical drugs market, we have achieved annual average growth rates of about 20%.

However, on the other hand, modernization and efforts to improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical distribution has also speeded up, and great expectations have been placed on the expertise gained by Japanese pharmaceutical wholesalers over the years.

Against this backdrop, the Suzuken group established the Shanghai Suzuken Huzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Current name : SPH Suzuken Huzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) (50% stake) in 2008 as a joint venture with a subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd., China’s second-largest pharmaceuticals wholesaler, and has developed its pharmaceutical wholesale business there. In 2014, the Suzuken (Shenzhen) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established to support manufacturers seeking to expand sales locations. We propose to provide comprehensive support for pharmaceutical manufacturers tackling earlier market penetration and efficient marketing in China in future.

Overview of companies operating in China

  • SPH Suzuken Huzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    We mainly deal with medical institutions and pharmacies in Shanghai city. In addition to our pharmaceutical wholesale business, we are developing an import business and sales of products such as medical equipment and materials.

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