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Nursing Care Business

Utilizing our network of medical institutions and insurance pharmacies we have expanded our comprehensive nursing care services.

We aim to establish a role model unique to the Suzuken group in the Integrated Community Care System.

Comprehensive nursing care services close to customers

The Suzuken group aims to fulfill the wishes of users and their families by providing nursing care which is close to each individual elderly person. Sanki Wellbe Co., Ltd. in the Chugoku region and S-Care Mate Co., Ltd. in the Kanto and Chubu regions provide full line services tailored to each condition and each change in the necessary support and nursing care level of users, including home care.
We have established a full service including visits by group insurance pharmacies to nursing care facilities to give drug management guidance and support for the lives of our customers from both medical and nursing care aspects.

Home care compound business office* S Care Station, Matsudo

  • *Providing day care services, short stay, home-visit nursing care, home nursing care support

The Nursing Care Business as an important part of comprehensive community care systems

In 1998, we started our nursing care business in the Chugoku region and in 2011 expanded it to the Tokyo metropolitan area and Chubu region. We offer a full line of services that start with visiting care services, extend to support for daily life and long-term care, and adjust to changing conditions. To ensure user satisfaction, we also offer devices that assist with the accomplishment of daily tasks and that help to prevent falls.
The nursing care business plays an important role in comprehensive community care systems and, through partnership models involving the Suzuken Group’s pharmaceutical wholesaling and pharmacy businesses, is working to strengthen an integrated Group approach in serving local communities.

Transportation service provided by a nursing care service centerTransportation service provided
by a nursing care service center

Subsidiary responsible for the nursing care business

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