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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Support Business

An indispensable presence for pharmaceutical manufacturers

We have strengthened outsourcing of peripheral functions more than ever, to enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to concentrate management resources on new drug development. The Suzuken group captures these needs promptly, and offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a variety of services that take advantage of the collective strength of the group.

Providing a variety of services to pharmaceutical manufacturers

We contribute to pharmaceutical manufacturers' cost reductions by contracting pharmaceutical manufacturing, operating manufacturer distribution centers and contracting wholesaler distribution. Further, we regard it as our social mission to contribute to the distribution of orphan drugs *1, ensuring that necessary drugs are delivered even if there is only one patient who suffers from an illness.

[The Value Chain for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers : Suzuken Group's Support Businesses for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers] [R&D : Clinical trial support business] → [Manufacturing : Commissioned pharmaceutical manufacturing business] → [Distribution : Distribution business for manufacturers *2, Support business for orphan drugs] → [Marketing : Healthcarerelated survey business] → [Selling : Drug sales support]

  • *1Drugs with high medical needs but required by only a small number of patients
  • *2Distribution for manufacturers: In the above diagram, "procurement distribution" means transportation of pharmaceutical raw materials to the manufacturer's factory; "production distribution" means transportation of pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer's factory to its warehouses; and "sales distribution" means transportation of pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer's warehouses to our wholesale distribution centers.

Overview of the pharmaceutical manufacturer support business

Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

At our two factories in Fukushima and Kumamoto, we not only manufacture our own pharmaceuticals but we also carry out contract manufacturing for major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical distribution support

We offer comprehensive support in the orphan disease domain, investigational drug distribution support and pharmaceutical manufacturer distribution support.

Marketing support

We conduct marketing support for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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