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Dispensing Pharmacies Business

With the aim of creating communities where everyone can be healthy

The Suzuken group strives to strengthen cooperation with facilities such as medical institutions and welfare facilities for the elderly by developing our insurance pharmacy business into one which offers high quality service. We are dedicated to "creating communities where everyone can be healthy" while placing high priority on business improvement and educational support for regional insurance pharmacies.

Contributing to the enhancement of home and community health care

Aseptic dispensary enclosure equipped with a dust-free, sterile workbench (green bench) to avoid contamination by microorganisms in the surroundings.

As well as developing our insurance pharmacy business, the Suzuken group is placing emphasis on home medical care, in which pharmacists visit the homes of patients or the elderly and give guidance on drug management and drug administration. We are also focusing on business improvement and educational support of regional insurance pharmacies. This involves increasing the number of pharmacies equipped with a sterile dispensary capable of preparing of injections or infusion necessary for home medical care and which can be used by other pharmacies. We are contributing to the enhancement of community-based health care.

Subsidiary responsible for the insurance pharmacy business

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