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Efforts Toward Environmental Conservation

Environmental policy

One of Suzuken's corporate philosophy, 'By creating new value, we contribute to the improvement of health on Earth and to healthier and better lives for all people.' indicates our philosophy and desire to contribute to every aspect of people's health as well as the Earth's health.

Environmental Policy

Centering on pharmaceutical distribution, all health-related fields are within the business domain of Suzuken. We continue to create new value in a wide health-related area that we call "health creation."
At Suzuken, we recognize that one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century will be protecting the global environment, and we aim to be the best partner by contributing to a healthy earth and a world where each and every person is healthy and has a fulfilling life full of smiles.
To that end, we will strive for continued improvements by establishing and implementing an environment management system based on contribution to sustainability by means of resource and energy conservation, reduction and recycling of waste, reduction of CO2 emissions, and improvement of operational efficiency in cooperation with the local community, not to mention complying with all environment-related laws, legislation, and agreements, etc.
In order to ensure that this environmental policy bears fruit, we will make sure that our employees and relevant parties are fully aware of it, and we will make an effort to gain the understanding of the general public through disclosure of our policy.

April 1, 2022
Shigeru Asano, President and Chief Executive Officer
Suzuken Co., Ltd.

Initiatives based on Environmental Policy

The efforts of Suzuken have centered on resource and energy conservation, reduction and recycling of waste, reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of operational efficiency in accordance with its environmental policy. We will ensure that every employee deepens his or her awareness of the environment, and we will promote efforts to conserve resources and energy in an ongoing and systematic manner.

Environmental Management System Outline

Overview of Specific Efforts

Efforts to Prevent Global Warming - 3 Green Actions

We promote energy conservation activities to reduce CO2 emissions as part of our efforts to prevent global warming.

[1] Green Office

Energy conservation activities in offices include turning off the lights at lunchtime, making sure that standby mode is enabled on computers, and efficient use of air conditioning.
In addition, efforts are being made to install energy-saving equipment and devices such as photovoltaics, LED lights, photoresponsive lights, and high-efficiency air conditioners in offices and some distribution centers.

[Solar Photovoltaic System]
Photovoltaic panels with a total maximum power generation capacity of 70 kW (equivalent to 1,750 40W fluorescent lamps) have been installed at our distribution centers in Hanshin (10 kW), Kanagawa (20 kW), Chiba (20 kW), and Miyagi (20 kW).

[2] Green Sales and Green Distribution

In terms of sales and delivery efforts, we are trying to reduce the amount of gas used by switching to hybrid vehicles and light vehicles for our fleet. As of March 2021, 87.0% of our fleet has been switched to fuel-efficient vehicles. We are also attempting to enforce eco-driving for sales and delivery vehicles.

[3] Green IT

In terms of IT-related energy conservation activities, efforts are being made to replace old IT equipment (e.g., computers and servers) with energy-saving models.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Reducing energy usage

To reduce Suzuken’s gasoline usage, we are switching to energy-saving vehicles, promoting the use of telematics services,*4 and advancing eco-driving initiatives. In fiscal 2020, these efforts helped to reduce our gasoline usage by 7.5% compared to the previous fiscal year. As for electricity usage, we established the goal of cutting our usage by 1% year on year. To achieve it, we took steps such as introducing LED lighting in all of our business locations and adjusting time and temperature settings for air-conditioning. Despite our efforts, however, the relatively low air conditioning load of the previous fiscal year and the increased use of ventilation to help prevent COVID-19 infections resulted in a 4.1% increase in electricity usage versus the previous fiscal year. As a result of the above, our fiscal 2020 CO2 emissions fell by 8.8% year on year.

  • Telematics service: A system that uses a dedicated vehicle-mounted device to gather travel data and data on operating conditions, driver characteristics, and other matters in real time
  • Suzuken’s Gasoline Usage
  • Suzuken’s Electricity Usage
  • Suzuken’s CO2 Emissions Trend

Contributing to Resource Conservation and Recycling

Based on the idea that using limited resources effectively will lead to a reduction of the burden placed on the environment, the company is undertaking the measures described below:

[1] Reduce Action (Reductions of waste products)

Suzuken is promoting activities such as strict enforcement of double-sided copying and the use of electronic documents aimed at efficient use of paper resources.

[2] Recycle Action

We promote the sorting of waste by displaying sorting guides on the trash cans, and we also practice sustainable procurement.

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