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Risk Management

Basic Concepts of Risk Management

At the Suzuken Group, risk management is a first-order priority where we take preventative measures against the occurrence of risk and seek to minimize impacts when risks are realized by grasping the situation quickly and dealing with it promptly and appropriately. Through such measures, we work to gain even more trust from our stakeholders and improve the group’s corporate value.

Strengthening Risk Management and Compliance Framework

In order to further bolster risk management, the Suzuken Group has established the Risk Management and Compliance Committee, which works under the Board of Directors and is responsible for managing risks across the Group.

In addition, to ensure that the risk management system works effectively and efficiently, the Group has established three practices committees under the Risk Management and Compliance Committee. The practices committees are established in each business segment, in which Suzuken and its Group companies are involved, to handle practical matters regarding overall risks and compliance. The Review and Supervisory Practices Committee for Sales Information Provision Activities are established to deliver proper sales information provision activities in an integrated manner with sales and production in accordance with the Guidelines for the Improvement of Commercial Transaction Practices of Ethical Drugs for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Medical Institutions/Pharmacies.

The subcommittees examine risks in view of the characteristics of each segment, identify risks that should be shared within the Group and addressed as high priority, and work to strengthen risk management capabilities focusing on the risk prevention and mitigation as well as promotion of compliance measures.

Suzuken’s Internal Reporting System

Within the Suzuken Group, the Corporate Ethics Hotline has been established as an internal reporting system. The Group employees can report through the Corporate Ethics Hotline when they become aware that an act of violation of a law, regulation or the Articles of Incorporation, or any action that would damage the Suzuken Group brand, has been conducted or is about to be conducted at the Company and the Group companies.

The Group utilizes this internal reporting system to detect any risks at an early stage and promptly take corrective measures.

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