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Shareholders and Investors

Message from the Chairman

President and Chief Executive Officer Hiromi Miyata, Supreme Advisor Yoshiki Bessho

One of the core values of our corporate philosophy is to “contribute to improving the health of the planet and to healthier and more fulfilling lives for everyone, through the creation of new values” and we have defined our business field as "Health Creation".

We profess to “contribute to healthier and more fulfilling lives” by creating new values in a broad range of fields related to medical care and health, such as manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, medical support services and health support services. This begins with the discovery, development and production of compounds with pharmaceutical potential to diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions in hospitals, clinics and insurance pharmacies and further, towards recovery, maintenance and promotion of health, with our core pharmaceutical distribution business at the center.

As a “Health Creating Corporation” the Suzuken group aims to become an unparalleled number one strength. We will endeavor to enhance the group's corporate value and meet the expectations of our shareholders and stakeholders by contributing to society in the medical care and health-related fields, with our core pharmaceutical distribution business at the center.

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