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Management Policy

We are committed to becoming a corporate group distinguished by its level of customer trust.

Corporate Philosophies, Long-Term Vision

Our slogan is “Design Your Smile: The Suzuken Group—Creating Healthier and Better Lives.” The core theme of the slogan, “Smile,” underpins our corporate philosophies. United as a Group, we will continue contributing to rich and fulfilling lifestyles that are full of smiling faces as a “health creation company.”

Having identified “health creation” as our business domain, we are enhancing our capabilities in pharmaceutical wholesale distribution, a key part of our operations. At the same time, we are comprehensively advancing our businesses in broad-ranging areas related to medical care and health, including development and manufacture of ethical drugs and medical equipments, as well as health insurance pharmacies and nursing care. By improving our services in each business of the medical value chain, we will integrate the specialist expertise and diversified human resources of our various Group companies and demonstrate our collective strengths across wide-ranging domains.

Our declared intention is to become “a presence indispensible for medical care and health, in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, by continuously creating new levels of added value in the fields of medical and nursing care” by 2025. Based on this long-term vision, we will deliver services of choice to customers and earn a distinguished reputation for customer trust. In these ways, we will work to seize the No. 1 position, or the equivalent thereof, in each of our businesses and expand our corporate value over the long term.

Yoshiki Bessho
Supreme Advisor

Mission(The Reason for Existance and Duty):Our work in the field of health creation looks to draw together the integrated wisdom of the entire Suzuken Group and continue contributing to rich and fulfilling lifestyles that are full of smiling faces. The Suzuken Group's mission embodies its reason for existence and outlines its duties to society. Vision(Ideal Vision of the Future):As a "health creater," the Suzuken Group is committed to the challenge of creating new value across the diverse field of healthcare as we aim to be the best partner in support of everyone achieving their "Smile." The Suzuken Group's vision outlines the direction it should folllow and provides a picture of its optimal image. Value(Code of Conduct):"SMILE" We are a company built on Sincerity With Morality And a unique identity While Learning from our customers As we continue our Evolution. The Suzuken Group's values outline a code of conduct for each and every employee to follow. The keyword "SMILE" is formed from the first letter of each core word.

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