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Supreme Advisor Yoshiki Bessho, President and Chief Executive Officer Hiromi Miyata, Executive Vice President Shigeru Asano

Our aim is to fully leverage the group's collective strengths to become an indispensable presence in medical care and health.

Our aim is to put a smile on every face via our business.

The Suzuken Group began its CSR activities in 2010 based on the CSR vision of realization of the group's corporate principles. We are pursuing a CSR strategy unique to "Suzuken Group as a Health Creator," as a company with a wide range of businesses related to medical care and health, including the development, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices; dispensing pharmacies business; health support business; and nursing care business.

The CSR seeds planted in 2010 have sprouted and grown. Today, the branches and leaves have reached our stakeholders, i.e., our customers, shareholders, employees and their families, and local residents, and they are beginning to bear fruit. However, increased efforts are needed to achieve our goal of putting a smile on every face. In order to grow it into a gigantic tree with its roots firmly embedded in the soil of "trust," we will listen sincerely to the voices of all of those around us, and make it the common goal of every employee to meet their expectations in good faith.

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