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This website is operated by Suzuken Co., Ltd.
Please be sure that you have fully read and agree to the terms and conditions below before using this site.

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Copyrights and trademarks

  • 1.All content found on this site, including documents, photos, illustrations, videos, sounds, and programs, are protected by copyrights held by either Suzuken Co., Ltd. (hereafter, 'the Company') or by third parties. Content on this site cannot be transferred or duplicated without the express permission of the Company.
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Please be sure that you fully understand the following disclaimer before using this website.

Forward-looking statements

The plans, outlooks and strategies of the Company and the Suzuken Group posted to this website contain forecasts regarding future business performance and other matters, and are based on information available at the time each was formulated. Accordingly, readers are cautioned that actual performance may differ materially from these forecasts due to fluctuations in risks and uncertainties, as well as changes in economic conditions and other factors.

Investment decisions

The purpose of the information posted to this website is to deepen understanding of the Company and its operations, and should not be viewed as a solicitation to invest. Any decision to invest should be made based solely on one's own judgment.

Accuracy of information

Although the utmost care is taken when posting information to this website, the Company bears no liability whatsoever for informational errors or damages caused by data downloaded from it.

About links

  • 1.Links should not be attached to this site without prior and separate consent from the Company. The Company bears no liability whatsoever for damages to companies or users who attach unauthorized links to this site.
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  • 3.The management and operation of other websites with links to this site are each the responsibility of the developers of those other websites. Accordingly, users should read and understand the terms and conditions of those other websites prior to use. The company offers no guarantees of any kind regarding the content of other websites and bears no liability whatsoever with respect to their use.

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