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Transition of Dividend Policy and Dividends

Dividend policy

The Suzuken Group will pay dividends based on the principle of continued stable dividend payments, and will acquire treasury shares, in order to achieve a total average payout ratio of 100% or higher for the two year period continuing through the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, which is the final year in the medium-term growth strategy “May I ‘health’ you? 5.0 .” The objectives are to enhance returns to shareholders and to improve corporate value and capital efficiency through reinforcing existing business areas and making business investment aimed at growth.

Dividend projections

Dividend projections for fiscal year ending March 2023

Interim dividend Year-end dividend Full-year dividend
Dividend per share Ordinary dividend \36 (Estimate) Ordinary dividend \36 (Estimate) \72 (Estimate)

Per-share dividend payments and related information

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